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Friday, January 23

“Vackert väder” means beautiful weather in Swedish, and that is what we are all about. is a local weather site that combines weather forecasts with beautiful nature photography.

At you will get

1) Your local weather forecast clearly spelled out. No more deciphering of maps, tables and weather parameters in small print when you try to figure out tomorrow’s weather.

2) Beautiful photography that relates to your forecasted weather situation.

Our goal is to cooperate with the Swedish photo community. should be a fun place for amateur photographers to show off their great shots to a wider local audience. We will link back and credit all photographers.

We admit that combining weather and photography might seem like a stretch. But considering how boring and uninspiring both old and new media presents weather information today, we are willing to give this idea a try.

So who are we? Two brothers. Axel and Tomas Wennström. We run the Swedish recipe search engine, one of Swedens largest recipe sites. Tomas can also be found at

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsor. Without Forecas support with ten day weather forecasts, would not have happened.


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