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Friday, January 23

Codepond - where all the great little snippets are gathered is a public code repository for searchable, taggable and shareble code. 

I´ve built an app that stores code snippets for later and frequent use. Or just for the future. Instead of storing your code snippets all over the place, you can share (or not if you don´t want to) your code at one central place at
I think most of the guys and gals here on 24hbc will have great use of this app. So go ahead and signup for free and post your first code snippet or check out the others. 

What differentiates this app from others alike?
You don´t have to share your code when you store it. It becomes searchable if you want it to. The data is translated into other languages (although not officially as of now) and you get awsome syntax highlighting.  

For the future
A neat wordpress plugin is in the works for you to submit a code and get a tag automagically pasted into your blogpost. 

It´s created by Jonas Arnklint (klintan on jaiku) from and Fyrklöver Webbyrå. Cred goes to the sponsors of this event, you rock!


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