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Thursday, January 22

Directory for all the Nordic startups - Sign up to ArcticStartup!

Now after we're back from the dinner, I wanted to tell you something we have been working on at ArcticStartup.

We have created something for all the Nordic and Baltic startups and would love to get a better representation of the Swedish startups, so they can get a better visibility across the region. So, if you're a participant at the 24hbc and have a startup you should register your startup at ArcticIndex (here!) (Actually you should sign up your startup regardless, whether you're at the 24hbc or not). ArcticIndex is build to be the primary information resource of Nordic and Baltic startups and the entrepreneurs behind them. We created this to to bring more visibility to the market and most importantly give visibility to the many kick-ass startups we have here. You can signup here!

ArcticIndex is for the Nordics and Baltics what CrunchBase is for the Silicon Valley. It will be the best venue for the Nordic and Baltic startups to gain visibility and get the attention of the press, the investors, the potential employees and basically anyone at the region.

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