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Thursday, January 22

Good morning Hasseludden

It was difficult getting any sleep, since I'm worrying about the internet connection here at Hasseludden. It is supposed to be a 24 Mbit broadband connection. Last night however, it was not working, at all. (We talked to some people that were here before us and they said the connection had not been working at any time throughout the day.) Scary, scary.
It's hard to start an internet business in 24 hours. Doing it without internet, is well, really really hard.
Now it's 6.49 in the morning... Some technical people are going to look into the problem at 8.00 today. But if the infrastructure isn't working by 10.00, we might have to leave Hasseludden altogether by 11.00. (That's the last option, and I really hope it won't come to that.)

The good news right now is that I get an internet connection. It's not fast however. 0.63 Mbit downstream, 0.04 Mbit upstream.

Now I'm going for some breakfast. Hopefully these problems will be solved by 10.00. Stay tuned!


  1. So what's up guys? No connection? No startups? ;) Woke up and was hoping for some inspirational news on this page!

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