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Friday, January 23

Presentation: - customer service that makes you happy is a next generation customer service site for the Swedish market. The goal is to make it easy for customers to share new ideas, ask questions and report problems directly to a company. By leveraging the knowledge of their customer base companies will have a gold mine of ideas on how to improve their products as well as an easy way to help customers using their products. On the other hand the customers can find information quickly and be part of making their favourite products and services better. The name literally means "Give Feedback Now" in swedish, and that is just what we want all people to do, share your ideas!

In 24 hours we managed to get a site up and running, where it is possible for companies to register and for customers to ask questions and give feedback. The technology used for is the python framework Django and the web site platform Pinax, which enabled us to get a lot of functionality (such as OpenID login and user handling) for free. There is still a lot left to do, but we are happy with what we managed to get in just 24 hours (some of us even sleept a few hours).

The team behind consists of Mattias Järnhäll, Andreas Krohn and Peter Rosdahl. Mattias also runs the family community site and the wedding site Andreas has the chat service and blogs on and Peter works for Mindpark and develops the classified site


  1. It is a WONDERFUL idea - please, please, please have this site in English too!!
    Many foreigners are out here banging their heads against the wall because Swedish service does not come up to scratch. If companies want a competitive edge and to play in an international arena they need to know what the expectations are from their international customers right here in Sweden.
    Need a translator???

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