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Friday, January 23

TagFeedr lets you create photo feed based on different themes at different times. You create a calendar with tags and then each day TagFeedr generates a photo feed with photos from Flickr based on the tags for that day.

TagFeedr will launch soon and at the moment you cannot create a personalized feed. It will come. But you can enter tags and get a feed with the tags for today or a feed with photos from Flickr tagged with these tags.

TagFeedr was implemented using Ruby on Rails using the Aptana development tools. This was the first project I have done on Rails. is created for those who has an internet enabled PhotoFrame and want more dynamic content than just a feed, or someone who want to get a bit more control over a feed.

At the moment there is not a clear revenue model setup for TagFeedr but there are a couple of ideas to investigate. The challenge is that the users are not visiting the TagFeedr site very often and there are currently no web commercials solutions with pay-back available for PhotoFrames. Current ideas include:
  • Inject commercials/product photos in the feed?
  • Use AdWords on the configuration site
Any other ideas or feedback on these or the service is much appreciated!


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