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Friday, January 23 - social website monitoring

I am sure you have heard of uptime monitoring services before, like Pingdom, Netcraft and Alertra. The brand new site (Swedish for "is down now") will soon become a true competitor in that niche. The site is currently only available in swedish, but a translation into english is planned later this year.

What is different?
The main idea behind is that we don't only have a need to see if a web server is responding or not. A website could be down even if the web server is answering correctly. We let the visitors decide if a website is working correctly or not. You could get support from other users or the official support team of the broken site when something goes wrong. also collects contact information to the web services that is down. That means that you could easily find the contact e-mail or phone number to the support crew even if their web site is not operating correctly. The site will also collect information and buzz about websites going down from the numerous microblog services like Twitter, Bloggy and Jaiku.

Who created it?
The young entrepreneur and expert Rails developer David Svensson from the Swedish web design company Standout solutions is the developer. The site is programmed entirely in Ruby on Rails.

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  1. Utvald som ett av de 5 bästa projekten från 24hbc av