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Friday, January 23

Boxof99 - exciting prints, delivered in boxes of 99

At Boxof99 you customize and buy your own themed prints. Our products are printed and delivered worldwide by the brittish printing company MOO.

Our first product is a pack of 99 themed name and place cards for your next big party. You easily choose a theme and provide your guestlist and the service creates a box of 99 custom name and place cards for you.

Currently the service is not fully operational due to problems with the MOO API (that is still in beta). It is possible to create and preview your place cards, but sadly you can not order them just yet.

To make it even easier to try out our service, we have created a default guestlist for you with names that are sure to be familiar!

Visit Boxof99 »


Boxof99 is created by Johan Marand and Niklas Olsson


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