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Thursday, January 22

Network update

I quote my tweets, must get back to coding now;)

#24hbc Bandwidth is far from what it should be, but at least it's stable and there should be no more disconnects.

#24hbc Let keep the 3G-backups running, lets use bandwidth responsibly, and lets keep the spirit high

#24hbc There will be discussions with Hasseludden/Telia after this event, but for now: let's focus on building great stuff


  1. Not many comments here. Why? Because all the usual commentators are busy working. Its not just the Swedish intenet elite gathered for 24 hours at Hasseludden, they are also the Swedish commentating elite.
    Kepp working mates, I will try to keep the commentary on a descent level. ( That is one comment every two hours.) Ooops! Snack time!

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