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Friday, January 23 - search engine for tickets

We've build, a vertical search engine for tickets (for concerts, soccer games etc). The search will not only contain new tickets from sites like Ticnet, there's also second-hand ones from classified advertisement-sites such as Blocket and Tradera.

Therefore it's to you should go if you wanna have a ticket that's outsold, or if you don't know where to start. If you wanna attend Bob Dylan in March you probably don't care if it's outsold or if there's a second release of tickets - you just wanna buy the ticket as cheap as possible. Ticketz doin' it nice and smoothly!

Beta release but there's more
For 24hbc, we've focused on getting it up and running. We have some sources but need to add more and probably fix a not-so-quick-fix-solution for categorization etc.

But events is really cool to work with and, Eventful and Myspace Music is having useful API:s so... it might get us working on some web 2.0-features. Stay tuned...

The SuperTeam
Eric Martinsson +
Dick Olsson +
Anton Johansson
= SuperWebb

So... check out, give us feedback and follow the blog!