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Thursday, January 22

Find a job in your neighbourhood

I'm developing a website that will let you find jobs based on how far away they are from where you live. The site will be called ("the job map").

I've withdrawn to the back of the main meeting room, trying to avoid the media people and all the attention. Before dinner I will try to get a swim in the outside pool with Eric Wahlforss and the other guys. They are doing a site called Really, really cool. :)

In general there are so many interesting ideas being implemented!


  1. In Japan there is a site like that where you look for a job based on the amount of time you have. "I have 5 hours to spare - what kind of work is needed in my neighbourhood?"

  2. Hej Ted,

    slå mig en signal efter 24-eventet!

    Johny Alm, WALFRIDGABRIEL Invest AB,

    Jag är bl a delägare i och vill gärna komma i kontakt med dig!

    /Johny Alm

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