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Friday, January 23

24hbc in 12 hours

I was fortunate enough to work with my project for 24hbc, here at Hasseludden Yasuragi, all night long. What an experience it was! :) 

When I came to 24hbc I had my project all figured out. But halfways through, by midnight, I realized that I couldn't finish the project on the platform of choice (a combination of Wordpress-MU and the community extension BuddyPress). 

So I did a "DROP DATABASE spelbloggen" and a "rm -rf*" and started from scratch.

My project for 24hbc is Spelbloggen (in english, "the gamers blog"). It's a combined blog/community/forum, with a strong focus on the site users. Everyone's free to write about computer games and video games on the site. The users of the site will earn points (high scores), which in turn will be used in competitions and other events. 

The content on the site is licensed using Creative Commons, which means that everyone can copy it. I'm also gonna fetch external content using automatic procedures, in order to become a "central access point" for gaming-related content in Sweden. Spelbloggen will be open for cooperation with external sites, on fair grounds for the users.

The current market for this in Sweden is very limited to an "elite group" of journalists, that have all been in the "game" for a very long time. The idea with Spelbloggen is basically to bring back the power and the voice of the gamers to the gamers. 

Spelbloggen is now online, using a heavily modified version of Wordpress, and at the moment I'm doing some fine-tuning, with the intention of opening the site officially early next week. The site is currently being hosted on a VPS in the USA, which is painfully slow (but an interesting experience). During this weekend it will be moved to the Swedish web hosting company Binero.

Binero is actually the company I'm working for when I'm not hacking Wordpress all night. And Binero is both a main sponsor and a product sponsor here at 24hbc. So if you visit some of the sites/projects being produced here, you're sure to visit one of our powerful servers. ;)


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