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Thursday, January 22

The tampon-guys in the corner

Oskar Vikman and Per Lisshamre have a problem. They cannot go back to themselves and test the idea they had for 24hbc. But they can call their girlfriends who came up with the idea: a subscription service for tampons and other sanitary products.

How did they start today?
1. Created an appropriate file structure
2. Created the database
3. Registered the domain (

PS They are one of the teams that will be interviewed live by TV4 tomorrow morning DS


  1. Aha, en perfekt service för sådana som mig som har noll koll på mensen. Att det ramlar nerett paket i brevlådan någon dag innan våre perfekt :-) Gärna ett SMS oxå "Bea glöm inte att stoppa ner bindor/tamponger i jobbväskan".