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Friday, January 23

Simple job board for web professionals in Sweden

Hitta bra folk

We created a simple job board for web professionals in Sweden. The idea is to gather the best web companies and the best developers and designers in Sweden at a site that does away with the bullshit and just reaches out with the essentials - good people looking for good people. With Twitter-style posts, ads are supposed to be just a couple of hundred characters (not the essays you're used to on traditional job boards).

Subscribe to the RSS feed now to keep an eye on potential gigs. Maybe you know someone who's a good match, or need good people for your project.

All participants at 24hbc get to advertise at for free, just supply the code #24hbc instead of invoice details. This also applies to small startups, individuals and good causes. Get your shout for good people out there!

The team behind are Andie Nordgren (development) and Alexis Fellenius (design/html/css). The app is built with Django on App Engine.


  1. Technical Support Analyst - 1st/2nd Line; Stockholm, Sweden.
    You will provide Technical Support via Telephone and E-mail for some of the following Security products:Checkpoint,Juniper,Websense,F5,etc.; E-mail me at or call 0044 (0) 20 7726 9366

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