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Friday, January 23

Börja Blogga: Teaching you what blogs are really about

My project is about blogs, and teaching people to see beyond the narrow view often focused on by newspapers. The idea is to educate people about the fact that blogs are not just personal journals or today's outfit fashion postings, while it in fact is a complete way of publishing. Some people don't believe you if you tell them that Engadget is a blog, they say it is a news site or something similar, while it in fact is the essence of a group blog.

The key is that blogging is really a method of publishing, rather than a specific kind of content.

Börja Blogga is all bout teaching people this, and helping them to find new ways to expand their blogging. The site is geared towards beginners as well as experts, no matter if they are enthusiasts or professional bloggers. It will also focus on how business can use blogs to make their presence known online, no matter if they are big or small, as well as use revenue share programs for services that can add value to the bloggers.


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