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Saturday, January 23

It's over!

24 hour business camp is over. As sponsor and a participant I wish to express my infinite gratitude to the +90 entrepreneurs and the amazing Ted for 24 hours of pure joy and excitement. There are smiling faces wherever I look.

There is so much more to say, and I'm sure this event will continue to echo for a long time to come. But for now, thanks.

Ted is updating the regular blog at with a summary of the projects and a possibility to vote (that sneaky b*stard;) - go check it out, it's a great collection.

So, with an image of the gift we passed along to Ted, I bid you farewell. See you soon again!

Sunday, January 25

Friday, January 23

Projects at 24hbc - hela listan!

UPPDATERAT: Hela listan med färdiga start-ups hittar du här. Du kan även rösta på ditt favoritprojekt och hjälpa till att få fram den inofficiella vinnaren!

Den gamla listan (ej helt uppdaterad):

Fyll på eller korrigera genom att skicka ett mail till Beata.

1. Ted Valentin:

2. Dan Nilsson

3. Jonas Lejon - SiteGuard

4. Tomas Wennström + Axel Wennström: - en väder- och fotosajt

5. Mattias Swenson + Ola Sevandersson - - Sharing websites made easy!

6. Thord Daniel Hedengren - Börja Blogga

7. Joakim Jardenberg - mediesök/skånesök/hockeysök/löksoppa-sök

8. Anton Malmberg + Jonny Elofsson - (eller

9. David Bismark

10. Martin Sandberg - Greener than green

11. Emil Stenström + Björn Lilja + Jonatan Larsson + David Billskog -

12. Tom Söderlund - - dressups for grownups

13. Jakob Nanneson - - Miljövänliga affärsidéer

14. Peter Siljerud

15. Martin Melin +Tobias Andersson - 90 sekunder

16. Pontus Westberg + Marcus

17. Dan Carlberg + Patrik Ring -

18. Andreas Krohn + Mattias Järnhäll + Peter Rosdahl - -kundtjänst som gör dig glad

19. Hjalmar Wåhlander + Jimmy Stridh - - Local information via MMS

20. David Ovsepian, Peter Belwon och Daniel Nordahl-

21. Niklas Olsson + Johan Marand -

22. Henrik Holdt -

23. David Svensson

24. Erik Starck-

25. Andie Nordgren and Alexis Fellenius Makrigianni - - focused job ads for the web savvy in Sweden

26. Nikke Lindqvist, Christian Bolstad and Johan Mogren (from home) - is a service that monitors your brands in blogs, microblogs and search engine result pages. We keep of the number of times your brand is mentioned and send you whether this has an impact on Google's search engine result pages.

27. Mattias Nyberg - Tshirt50

28. Tore Friskopp, Daniel Marklund, Magnus Lundin + Fredrik Johansson

30. Heidi Harman + Emil Sjöblom -

31. Oskar Vikman + Per Lisshamre

32. Christan Andersson + Martin Zimmerman -

33. Karin Adelsköld + Johanna Ögren - - share your children quotes and turn them into gifts

34. Anders Fredriksson - - a tool to get things done

35. Jonathan Sulo -

36. Björn Jeffery - Honey I'm home!

37. Morris Packer, Anton Lindqvist, Rickard Thorman och Herman Olsson - - mobile codes free and simple for all.

38. Martin Källström + Kristoffer Forsgren + Oskar Skoog - Nextmakers - Who is shaping the future of your business?

39. David Haddad & Roman Pixell: EmotiPost - Send real, printed postcards from your Facebook Profile!

40. Edward Tjörnhammar + Micael Widell + Petter Arvidsson - - a service providing you with a graphic representation of account statements from local internet banks.

41. Jesper Åström, Judith Wolst, Thérèse Mannheimer och Andreas Vural -

42. Anton Johansson, Eric Martinsson och Dick Olsson -

43. Paula Marttila -

44. Jeanette Gorosch + Torbjörn Eriksson -

45. Tomas Nihlén + Jonas Karlsson - Första Kapitlet

46. Jonas Arnklint - - a public repository for searchable, taggable and sharable code snippets.

47. Karl-Petter Åkesson - TagFeedr lets you create photo feed based on different themes at different times to be presented on your Internet connected photo frame

48. Ola Mattisson -

49. Rickard Vikström + Fredrik Berglund - -röstbaserad mikroblogging via telefonen

50. Anton Robsarve + Johan Törnqvist -

51. Reza Daryaei -

52. Henrik Berggren, Eric Wahlforss, David Kjelkerud -
Listen to your favorite blogs, or make a podcast using your own voice

53. Mikael Lindström -
2D barcodes in printed media

Listen To Blogs

"Listen to your favorite blogs, or turn any blog into a podcast using your own voice"

Have a million unread feed items in your reader? Tired of reading long texts in front of your macbook? At you find crowd-sourced podcasts of your favorite blogs. Recorded by bloggers, blog-fans and you. Here you can upload recordings of blog posts which people then can subscribe to with iTunes or their mobile phones. We accept many different audio formats and have no limits in filesizes. Make your blog available as a podcast asap!

The team was carefully orchestrated from the beginning and our roles were very clear. Henrik did backend and data, David templating and design and Eric jQuery, interaction design and overall über web knowledge. We focused 100% on code and worked only with open platforms like AppEngine, SoundCloud, & Twingly. This is what made it possible to build the service in 24 hours.

Our potential users are mainly people that read blogs but there is also an accessibility point of view. This could be huge for visually impaired users, enabling them to follow great blogs.

Since audio-ads seems to winning some ground with startups like Spotify & Pandora it could be a possible monetization option for us as well. But for now, let's just try to record a lof of blogs!

Contact us?
Email Henrik or call him at +46 (0) 706 45 25 71 - Never think twice is a simple productivity tool for people that practice David Allens method Getting Things Done. You collect ideas in a variety of ways, currently only through web and sms. You organize your ideas into actionable items and tag them with the contexts you can perform them in. Then you can access all your tasks through RSS and since all cellphones have an RSS reader, you'll have all your context lists with you where ever you go. Through simple sharing of tasks within your team or family, you can easily delegate without interrupting anyone. The service is still very much in alpha release, but please feel free to try it out and I'd be happy with any feedback you have.


//Anders Fredriksson monitors influential people in any industry globally an locally

Do you need to research what people and companies that influence the future of your own business or industry? We call them Nextmakers, the people that by their own will or not make an impact on the future of other people, companies and even entire industries. is continously monitoring global news and blogs for traces of the influence of both individuals and organizations. Semantic search technology will be applied to massive amounts of data inorder to discern who is the most influential.

The team behind is Martin Källström, Kristoffer Forsgren and Oskar Skoog. At the time of initial release the amount of data applied to the semantic extraction is very limited. Over time the sheer amount of data crunched by the system will provide unsurpassed precision and insight, impossible for human. As the user interface evolve, insight into any industry or business will be at your fingertips. is powered by, by Thomson Reuters, Google Image Search and Amazon Web Services.

“Vackert väder” means beautiful weather in Swedish, and that is what we are all about. is a local weather site that combines weather forecasts with beautiful nature photography.

At you will get

1) Your local weather forecast clearly spelled out. No more deciphering of maps, tables and weather parameters in small print when you try to figure out tomorrow’s weather.

2) Beautiful photography that relates to your forecasted weather situation.

Our goal is to cooperate with the Swedish photo community. should be a fun place for amateur photographers to show off their great shots to a wider local audience. We will link back and credit all photographers.

We admit that combining weather and photography might seem like a stretch. But considering how boring and uninspiring both old and new media presents weather information today, we are willing to give this idea a try.

So who are we? Two brothers. Axel and Tomas Wennström. We run the Swedish recipe search engine, one of Swedens largest recipe sites. Tomas can also be found at

We would like to take the opportunity to thank our sponsor. Without Forecas support with ten day weather forecasts, would not have happened.

Invest7 presenterar sig

Registrera gärna ditt företag på

Invest7 är ett investmentbolag med fokus på investeringar i Startups. Vår strävan är att ge entreprenören en stabil ekonomisk grund samt tillföra nätverk och erfarenhet.

Vi investerar pengar i företag med starka dedikerade entreprenörsteam under tidig uppstartsfas. För att ansöka om kapital behöver man inte ha ett juridiskt bildat företag.

Vi investerar normalt sätt mellan 200 000 och 1 msek och förväntar oss äga mellan 10% och 30% i företaget.

Vi tar gärna emot feedback på vårt koncept här bland kommenterna eller på

MMSX - Local information via MMS

With MMSX you send an sms to us, and we'll position you and your phone and send you a Multimedia Message (MMS) back with interesting and funny information about your surroundings. The ever expanding list of sources currently contains: local news from, pictures taken in your vicinity from Panoramio, information about the city you're in from Wikipedia and local weather from Weather Underground. Future plans include adding nearby events, tonight's movies for the local cinema and nearby cafés.

While many phones today come with a GPS, there are still a lot of not-so-tech-savvy users out there who doesn't own a GPS phone or maybe doesn't know how to use one. A majority of cellphone owners know how to send an >SMS, and read an MMS, and this service makes location based services available to them.

MMSX is implemented in PHP using Zend Framework. For positioning we utilize's mobileForward service.

Energy-kick through SMS

Get your daily energy kick by sms on by sending "energikick" to 72500. This service is delivered by Reza Daryaei from ACCEL IT.

TagFeedr lets you create photo feed based on different themes at different times. You create a calendar with tags and then each day TagFeedr generates a photo feed with photos from Flickr based on the tags for that day.

TagFeedr will launch soon and at the moment you cannot create a personalized feed. It will come. But you can enter tags and get a feed with the tags for today or a feed with photos from Flickr tagged with these tags.

TagFeedr was implemented using Ruby on Rails using the Aptana development tools. This was the first project I have done on Rails. is created for those who has an internet enabled PhotoFrame and want more dynamic content than just a feed, or someone who want to get a bit more control over a feed.

At the moment there is not a clear revenue model setup for TagFeedr but there are a couple of ideas to investigate. The challenge is that the users are not visiting the TagFeedr site very often and there are currently no web commercials solutions with pay-back available for PhotoFrames. Current ideas include:
  • Inject commercials/product photos in the feed?
  • Use AdWords on the configuration site
Any other ideas or feedback on these or the service is much appreciated!

Boxof99 - exciting prints, delivered in boxes of 99

At Boxof99 you customize and buy your own themed prints. Our products are printed and delivered worldwide by the brittish printing company MOO.

Our first product is a pack of 99 themed name and place cards for your next big party. You easily choose a theme and provide your guestlist and the service creates a box of 99 custom name and place cards for you.

Currently the service is not fully operational due to problems with the MOO API (that is still in beta). It is possible to create and preview your place cards, but sadly you can not order them just yet.

To make it even easier to try out our service, we have created a default guestlist for you with names that are sure to be familiar!

Visit Boxof99 »


Boxof99 is created by Johan Marand and Niklas Olsson

Atlantiqa - A new virtual country

Atlantiqa is a new virtual country and needs your support to grow. The sovereign state of Atlantiqa is aimining at resurrecting Atlantis, the home of Poseidon. Atlantiqa is a transnational state, established to unite political representatives, intellectuals, merchants, workers, the opressed, and all freedom striving men and women on planet Earth.

Anybody can join our effort in growing to a major country and a potential influencer. You can even choose which minister post you would like to have. Please join at:

Grönt är Skönt

On Grönt är Skönt, environmentally conscious people can easily offset their travelling and lifestyle by buying CO2-emission rights through a simple premium text message.

Future work on the site may include widgets for blogs, generation of PDF-diplomas and potentially a white-labelling-service.

Made for fun and for a better world by Martin Sandberg.


SiteGuard is an anti-virus scanning service for the web. More and more websites are infected by malware and blackhat SEO links. So, I created

There will be a monthly subscription fee for companies. The service will be provided for free for non-profit organizations and end-users.

SiteGuard scans all your web pages, scripts, etc., on your web server once a day (only the changes).

Report screenshot:SiteGuard is created by Jonas Lejon.