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Friday, January 23

Ninety seconds

Our project is 90 sekunder, or 90 seconds in English. It is a tool for headhunters and recruiters who want to skip (or augment) the usual Curriculum Vitae / cover letter tradition and instead get an instant feel for the person by having them on their screen, talking as if they were in an interview, for 90 seconds.

We hope this will be useful for time-pressed recruitment agencies and others who feel that they are spending too much time in interviews with prospective employees.

Also, we believe that we probably have one of the most straight-forward business models of the 24HBC projects: companies get a free trial, then buy credit packs where 1 credit = 1 handled video clip. Very old-school!

Please try our service and record a short message using your webcam by clicking here.

Built by: Martin Melin and Tobias Andersson


  1. Riktigt snyggt jobbat! Något som kanske inte störde mig men ändå gav en fundering var att det inte gick att pausa videon på startsidan. Vore kanske smidigt för den som inte är beredd på att det kommer en videosnutt direkt.

    Å andra sidan fångade den min uppmärksamhet direkt, vilket inte heller är fy skam.