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Friday, January 23

1:54am and the atmosphere could not be better!

It's 1:54am and people are still pushing forward. strong! Most people are still up and coding away. There's lound yet groovy music playing and the sosial hackathron seems no signs of slowing down any time soon. Only thing missing is pizza boxes, but soda cans and chocolate bars are appearing on people's tables. A bag of Dumle toffee just landed on the table next to me and the atmosphere could not be better. This is best thing Nordic entrepreneurship has seen in a long while. At the same table where the Dumle bag just sits Jonas Lejon.

Jonas is busy building SiteGuard. SiteGurd scans your webpages, blogs and otherwise, for malicious code and links. If it founds something, it alerts the owner and let's you know what's wrong. Jonas is adamant that SiteGuard is ready by noon.

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