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Friday, January 23

It has now almost been 24hour's since we started this fun event and it is time to report on our progress. Me and Torbjörn usually run a company called Nannynu! (, a babysitting company that we started about a year ago. Since we are already in the kids and family industry we thought that we wanted to do something related to nannynu! during 24hourbusinesscamp. However, since you only have 24hours many of the ideas did not make the cut. But, then I remembered that many of my customers always talk about that they dont really know what activities to do with their kids during vacations and weekends so we came up with the idea of developing a search engine för kids activitites in Stockholm. So we looked at google and saw that almost 11,000 people search for kids+activity or kids+activities everyday. That is why we took the name , which in english would translate to

We have some competitors but we will use google maps to make it simple to search for fun things in your neighborhood and combine this with either dates or specific activities. We also want to make our site interactive so that anyone can post a new acitiivity and comment and grade acitivities that people have tried.

Torbjörn, the programmer in our team, did not sleep anything last night but unfortunately the swebsite is not 100% ready and this is partly because it took muck longer to build everything than we planned for and also because we have to worst webhotel ever who not only have put our database on an old databaswe but also they pointed our domain name wrong which means that if you enter you end up at nannynu!. However, if you want to take sneek a peak you can go into and look at the website.

We are hoping to finish the last thing today and during the weekend and hopefully people will also help us fill up the content by going in and entering info om different actitvities.

But I must say that this event have been one of the coolest things I have experienced. The people have been awesome, the conversations extremely interesting, and the energy high. I sincerely hope that there will be a sequel or followup so thanks TED for everything!!!!!!