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Tuesday, January 6

This is the live blog!

This is the "live blog" where 24 hour business camp will be documented in real time. Short videos, pictures, interviews and updates will be presented here throughout the event. If you are not participating at 24 hour business camp, this blog will make you feel like you were right here!

This blog will have three main contributors:

Ville Vesterinen and Miikka Kukkosuo: Co-founders of - the Finnish blog that has been called the "Nordic TechCrunch". Are you interested in new start-ups from this part of the world, then make sure to chech out their site and subscribe to their RSS-feed.

Beata Wickbom: Beata has been part of the Swedish IT-business since 1995. She runs her own company Second Business which focuses on web, virtual worlds, social networks & games. She is also a senior strategist at the advertising agency Pool.

Other participants: The participants at 24hbc are also invited to post videos, pictures and short updates on their projects here. However, most of us will have our hands full, working hard to get our projects finished on time. After all, we only have 24 hours.


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