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Friday, January 23 - stalking your brand

Brandstalking gives you reports of how much your brand is talked about in blogs and microblogs - and whether this has an impact on the top 100 results of Google.

In cooperation with Twingly, we monitor blogs and microblogs for mentions of your brands, then check if there are any movements in Google. The alarm goes off when we see significant changes in all three places.

Twice a day (at 9 AM and 3 PM) we have report ready for you when you log in (our paying customers get it in their mail).

Below is a sample of a report where we have been stalking the new brand 24hbc. And in case you wonder. Yes, there are significant changes in blogs, microblogs and Google's result pages.

We will keep updating our project blog at during the one month test period we now have set up for tweaking our algoritms. After that we will open up in Public Beta.


  1. Det här verkar extremt lovande tycker jag.

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