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Friday, January 23

MMSX - Local information via MMS

With MMSX you send an sms to us, and we'll position you and your phone and send you a Multimedia Message (MMS) back with interesting and funny information about your surroundings. The ever expanding list of sources currently contains: local news from, pictures taken in your vicinity from Panoramio, information about the city you're in from Wikipedia and local weather from Weather Underground. Future plans include adding nearby events, tonight's movies for the local cinema and nearby cafés.

While many phones today come with a GPS, there are still a lot of not-so-tech-savvy users out there who doesn't own a GPS phone or maybe doesn't know how to use one. A majority of cellphone owners know how to send an >SMS, and read an MMS, and this service makes location based services available to them.

MMSX is implemented in PHP using Zend Framework. For positioning we utilize's mobileForward service.


  1. kewl! det här är lite som programmet locly för iphone. man kan koppla in tweets också tror jag. asbra ide!!!!

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