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Friday, January 23

A interactive website where you can share your best children quotes and turn them into books, t-shirts and gifts.

Children can deliver the funniest –and smartest sayings. At you can share the best of them and read others. Create your own user account and let your friends and relatives subscribe to your quotes through rss feeds or email.

After collecting a few, you can turn them into hard cover books, calendars, t-shirts, cups, pillow cases or bags.

In case of bad memory, you can use your phone and text your quotes just after hearing them. You can also subscribe to the “quote of the day” and get a quote to your cell phone every day.

About us
Johanna Ögren and Karin Adelsköld are the women behind the girl tech blog and the web communication agency PressKom. Johanna also runs the literature blog

The main purpose with all their projects is to communicate with women on the Internet. So even with whose intended target group is primarily women 30-55.


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  2. "I helgen var vi på museum. Där fanns uppstoppade djur. En del var döda."
    Dottern skriver i sin veckobok.

    -Ska jag dela pizzan i 4 eller 8 bitar? "Ta 4 jag orkar nog inte 8."
    Sonen på restaurang.

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